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What is eXcelon?


The eXcelon mobile audio system is an advanced array of precisely matched components that work together to faithfully reproduce your music as it was intended to be heard. With versatile system building features, precise sound tuning controls, and sleek aesthetic design, it offers audiophiles a thoroughly gratifying car stereo experience.

24 bit vs 16 bit CD. What are the advantages?

When the CD was introduced it was designed as a 16 bit 44.1 kbps sampling rate format to cover the range of human hearing. 24 bit allows for a wider frequency range than the original 16 bit. That, combined with its higher sampling rate, greatly reduces noise. Noise can mask small subtle details in the music. And with 24 bit information higher frequencies can be reproduced beyond the limits of a normal CD. This translates into very detailed music with great dynamics — the music sounds more alive.

Where can I find High-Resolution audio music?

Hi-Resolution audio files can be downloaded from many online sources. HD Tracks, for example, has a good selection. Simply download the file and put it on a USB thumb drive. Also, some of the newer phones support High-Resolution music. There are also streaming services available, like Tital, that offer Hi-Res streaming.

Where You Purchase Your Product Matters.

Kenwood eXcelon dealers are selected and approved by KENWOOD. They are the most skilled and reputable 12-volt retailers in the industry. And because it’s sold through our network of highly trained Authorized Dealers, we can stand behind it with an unmatched 2-year limited warranty.

BEST Sound Quality

BEST Sound Quality — Rich and Immersive High-Resolution Audio

XR speakers are precisely designed for High-Resolution audio to create a truly authenic listening experience with every detail and nuance.

Flush or Angle Mount Tweeter

Mounting hardware is provided to enable both angled and flush
mounting options.

BEST Connectivity

The Best Connectivity & Interface

KENWOOD eXcelon Reference receivers incorporate the best of all our technologies.

  • Interface – The XR receivers incorporate our fastest Dual Core microprocessor. The screen and GUI are extremely responsive. It’s very noticeable when compared to other brands. This one feature is very important when you realize how much you interface with the receiver and what a slow GUI does to the experience.
  • GUI – The GUI itself is logically designed and easy to navigate. Hard keys provide a short cut to key features like Navigation, Home screen, Menu and Camera as well as volume.
  • Screen – The XR receivers have the best screen in the industry. They feature a 6.8” HD AAS screen that has the best resolution available. It boasts 2,764,800 pixels, 16.7 million colors and a Luminance measurement of 600. This makes it easy to see even in direct sunlight. Everything looks great on this screen, even backup cameras have increased detail and brightness.
  • Sound – The XR receivers are built using audiophile grade components. They go through extensive sound tuning to create a receiver that performs at the highest level. Sound tuning assures the receiver delivers detail in the music, has a depth and width to its staging and dynamics.

BEST Results

KENWOOD eXcelon Reference products are designed to work together.

Performance that fits

KENWOOD eXcelon Reference amplifiers are designed to produce impressive, clean, impactful power and still fit your vehicle. The small size is perfect for under or behind seat locations as well as trunk side panels. They often fit where a factory amplifier would be installed.

Clean installation

KENWOOD eXcelon Reference amplifiers have all the connections on one side of the amplifier. This makes wire management much easier and provides a cleaner looking finished installation.

Factory upgrade

KENWOOD eXcelon Reference amplifiers can be connected to factory radios in many applications. The inputs of the amplifiers will accept a speaker level input and the amplifiers have signal sensing turn on. This means you can often use factory speaker leads to provide signal to the amplifier. When the amplifier senses there is a signal on the leads it will turn on.

Bass Knob

All XR amplifiers come with a bass level adjustment knob. This allows quick changes to the amount of bass a subwoofer produces. This handy control can be mounted under dash or in a switch bank.

DSP amplifier for factory replacement or with KENWOOD Receivers

The KENWOOD eXcelon Reference XR600-6DSP is a remarkable amplifier. It can be connected to many factory premium sound systems replacing the factory amplifier using an ADS Meastro amplifier replacement module. Or using that same module, it can be connected to a KENWOOD or other aftermarket receiver. The amplifier provides 6 channels of amplification and 4 channels of output. All 10 channels are controlled by a powerful DSP that can be set and adjusted using a smartphone or tablet. This amplifier allows the system to be tuned to create a sound experience that is amazing. The amp features crossovers for all 10 channels including: High-Pass, Low-Pass and Band-Pass filters, and Time alignment and Equalization.

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