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At GNC Customs we can make dreams reality and provide you with comfort anywhere you go. Whether there is a luxury you need or you are just driving by, meet your private salesmen, personal installers, and new friends today! Come into our home away from home; experience a motion picture of brilliance that becomes life before your eyes, and find that you can do more then hear the music you are surrounded with... you can finally listen. 

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To go above and beyond to provide you with customer service that shows we are the best in the industry. We will provide you with the big city business that still has that small town feel and the personalized entertainment to suit your every desire.

I had GNC Customs install a remote starter on my girlfriend's 2012 Ford Escape. She lives in Fort Wayne, so they were able to get us in on Saturday while she was visiting me in Goshen. The vehicle had some quirks with the security system that blocked them from completing the installation of the Python unit and bypass module. They coordinated with the dealership to get the problem fixed to allow the remote starter to be operational. They also got us in touch with a local Fort Wayne installer to finish the programming (free of charge) after the security issue was fixed by the Fort Wayne Ford Dealership -- saving my girlfriend from having to drive back to Goshen. Josh and his technician, Andrew, did a great job despite having multiple curveballs thrown at them. I highly suggest having your installations done at GNC Customs.

Posted By: Rob Morren

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